Can’t Hardly Wait

Hello out there in podcastland and welcome back to Spoilers, your bad movie review show on the RatPack Podcast Network, where your hosts have lots of opinions, but zero credentials. We continue our Thankful Series where we watch good movies we’re thankful for with Adam’s pick, a coming of age classic from the 90s: 1998’s Can’t Hardly Wait. So is the Barry Manilow song “Mandy” about a dog or what? How the fuck did the Kenny Fisher get into UCLA? Mike Dexter got into Ithica based on a football scholarship…Ithica has a football team? Does Mike Dexter grow up to become Ellis from Die Hard? Are you kidding me with the aliens at the end of this movie? Find out this week, but you best be warned, there be spoilers ahead.canthardlywait-poster

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