DromeBox Labs

Adam sits down with Nolan and Louis Silverstein from DromeBox Labs. Together the talk about the early days of making videos, Nolan making music as “Nolan Stands Alone,” Louis’ schooling, teaching yourself how to use technology, a 14 year old Louis calling big companies for information, moving to Los Angeles, ToadHop, creating DromeBox Labs, getting people to share your dream, the process of getting on DromeBox, weird shows, augmented reality, video games, broadcasting schedule, viewing habits, YouTube time suck, working behind the scenes, customizing your viewing, trimming the fat, and dealing with siblings.

Be sure to check out the website for the Live stream and huge variety of shows to watch. Go Like their Facebook page too! Supporting DromeBox Labs is also supporting RAT Pack Productions!

Louis and Nolan Silverstein of DromeBox Labs

Louis and Nolan Silverstein of DromeBox Labs

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