Face Off

Hello out there in podcast land and welcome back to Spoilers, your bad movie review show on the RatPack Podcast Network, where your hosts have lots of opinions, but zero credentials. This week, we here at Spoilers HQ are celebrating our gigantic 100th episode!!!!!! To honor this milestone, we are watching a movie we have been waiting years to do (literally, not figuratively) with a movie so big, so over the top, it’s considered a classic in the action genre….1997’s Face/Off, directed by John Woo. Why is Sean Archer getting a haircut/perm in the middle of surgery while his face is open to the elements? Who hams up their scenes more, Cage or Travolta? Why does this black site prison allow their inmates to watch the news? Are we sure that kid Adam isn’t the result of an incestuous relationship between his mom and his uncle? How are other surgeons in the world able to do face/off procedures when this doctor was the only one who knew about it? Find out this week, but you best be warned, there be spoilers ahead.


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