Oct 14 2015

Outlaw Renegade Rollergirls

Adam and Jen (Lil’ Lady Kill-Her) sit down with members of the Outlaw Renegade Rollergirls. First we speak with Slammin’ Sam, Dukes of Earl, and ShAnarchy to discuss how roller derby works, what sets the renegade league apart from other leagues, recruiting players, experience with skating, evolution of the game, qualities of blockers and jammers, and first hits. Blitz Cadaver joins in to talk about choosing names, choosing players, and audience participation. Shenanigans comes on to talk about the differences between Renegade and regular Roller Derby, planning bouts, traveling, fundraising, and spreading the word. Finally, Adam talks one on one with some other members of the team. Güera Loca, Deadly Dazzler, Killa-Üea and Killer Booty talk about their names, big hits, and their experiences with Roller Derby. Check out the last bout of the season this saturday October 17th. Be a part of their Tattoo Flash sale October 25th.

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Outlaw Renegade Rollergirls

Outlaw Renegade Rollergirls

Slammin' Sam, Dukes of Earl, and ShAnarchy

Slammin’ Sam, Dukes of Earl, and ShAnarchy

Emme Sixteen

Emme Sixteen

Cuete, Blitz Cadaver, and Slammin' Sam

Cuete, Blitz Cadaver, and Slammin’ Sam

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