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LCR is our political show and stands for Left, Center, Right. Controversial topics are covered from all angles in a vigorous discussion.

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Sep 10 2013


Adam, Cowboy and AWOL discuss the developments in Syria, the role of the US, chemical warfare, ultimatums, planning ahead, the holocaust and tough choices.AWOL_Obama

Jun 20 2013


Adam, Cowboy and AWOL talk about the recent IRS scandal.

Mar 27 2013


Adam, Cowboy and Awol gun control, assault rifles, mental states, ammunition, background checks, Chris Dorner, Police code, collateral damage and being heard.

Chris Dorner

Chris Dorner

Jun 18 2012

Prop 28 and the Military

Adam, Recks and Cowboy talk about Prop 28, voting online, representatives, reasons for voting, John Edwards, health care, swaying your beliefs, affecting change and disliking military people.

May 02 2012

Osama and Taxes

Adam, Recks and Cowboy talk about Osama Bin Laden, Correspondence Dinner, GOP Race, invading Iraq, school tuition, and taxing the rich.

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