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Random Acts of Tangent starts off talking about social issues, weird stories in the news, crazy adventures we get ourselves into and ends up spinning off into all kinds of other discussion, tangent after tangent. Guests from all walks of life also come on to talk about their projects and join in the randomness. Even if the issue is serious, there's always a lighter side or way to make it entertaining and fun. Nothing is off limits and no punches are pulled.

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May 17 2017

Joel Cole

We’re back after a break to discuss the things we’ve been up to and to formally introduce the latest addition to RAT Pack Productions, Joel Cole. We talk about the bands he was in, his journey into the acting and modeling world, nerding out at conventions, and all the usual tangents.

Joel Cole from the Jazz Rock Days

Joel Cole, young model

Nov 23 2016

President Trump

Adam, Maestro, and Jen talk about the recent election. They discuss the debates that got us, election night, the protesters, Facebook going insane, the jokes and memes it sparked, why people voted the way they did, what can be expected in the future, and how things may or may not change.

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump arrives on stage for a town hall meeting at the Miami Dade college in Miami, Florida, on September 27, 2016.

Sep 30 2016

Buddha Jones and the Man Returns

Adam sits down with Buddha Jones and the Man to discuss what they’ve been up to lately, mosh pits, the passing of Prince, what makes a great line up, getting the most out of Instagram, possible changes to the band, dealing with schedules, being true to your sound and their upcoming residency at Lot 1 in Echo Park. Make sure to go check them out on October 1st,, 8th, 14th, 22nd, and 29th for some great blues music.

Facebook • Soundcloud • YouTube • Instagrambuddhajonesreturns

Sep 22 2016

Social Media and Kaepernick

Adam, Hollywood, and Jester talk about Labor Day and Colin Kaepernick. Tangents include jet skis, gambling, buffets, brag book, twitter, artificial intelligence, the decline of society, protesting, patriotism, and the movie Grabbers.

The AI Twitter account that went off the rails within 24 hours.

The AI Twitter account that went off the rails within 24 hours.

Aug 15 2016

Jail, Scotland, and Pokemon

Adam, Jester, and Jen talk about Jen’s trip to that farm, people in jail, Jesters trip to Scotland, avoiding Glasgow and Pokemon Go.

Go to the next Outlaw Renegade Rollergirls Game on August 20th at Holiday Skate in Orange.

Scotland Taxis

Scotland Taxis

HP Sauce

HP Sauce

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

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