Shanghai Knights

Hello out there in podcastland and welcome back to Spoilers, your movie review podcast where your hosts have lots of opinions, but zero credentials.  This week, the gang goes back in time to the 1800s where they join Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker…err, I mean, Jackie Chan and Will Smith…err, I mean Jackie Chan and….Owen Wilson?????  in 2003’s Shanghai Knights, directed by David Dobkin.  The gang enters a world where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a cop, automobiles exist (???) and Owen Wilson does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING as the useless sidekick…seriously, this Rush Hour/Wild Wild West rip off has the most useless sidekick in the history of film…at least Christ Tucker and Kevin Kline did stuff in their movies.  Can the gang make it out of London without Jack the Ripper catching up to them?  Will Maestro contain himself while talking about both Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen?  Will a giant spider show up????  Find out as we answer these questions, but you best be warned, there be spoilers ahead.


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