The Boy Next door

Hello out there in podcastland and welcome back to Spoilers, the bad movie review podcast on the RatPack Podcast Network, where your hosts have lots of opinions but zero credentials.  This week, to celebrate kids of all ages going back to school, the group decided to watch a movie related to school for BACK TO SCHOOL WEEK!!!  Adam, Hollywood, and very special guest Sara (Hollywood’s fiancé) watch 2015’s The Boy Next Door, directed by Rob Cohen.  Isn’t the first edition of The Illiad over 1000s of years old?  Why does no one in this movie sleep or change with their blinds closed?  Do printers have auto print functions?  How does a 19 year old man still attend normal high school with underage kids?  Find out this week, but you best be warned, there be spoilers ahead.TheBoyNextDoor-Poster

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