Wicker Man

Hello out there in podcastland and welcome back to Spoilers, your bad movie review show on the RatPack Podcast network, where your hosts have lots of opinions, but zero credentials.  October Horror-thon continues as we watch one of the worst remakes of all time in 2006’s The Wicker Man.  Is this one of the most unintentionally funny horror movies of all time?  Does this movie count as a horror movie?  What the hell is in the “shark bag?”  How can this successful honey company communicate with vendors, suppliers, and retail stores if they don’t have phones, computers or faxes on the island?  Why would a guy, who is allergic to bees, go to an island where their main export is honey?  HOW’D IT GET BURNED????? HOW’D IT GET BURNED, HOW’D IT GET BURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Find out this week, but you best be warned, there be spoilers ahead.WickerMan-Poster

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