The RAT Pack


Adam likes to think of himself as an “every man.” Relating to a just about anyone in some way, shape, or form. He also likes to talk about himself in the third person and hates writing bios about himself. After 7 years of keeping the podcast train moving forward, he’s charged with trying to keep things moving smoothly. Don’t worry, he’s not quitting his day job.


There is no end to the bottomless pit of information that is the Maestro. From being a ninja master, to rebuilding motorcycles, to pop culture knowledge, Maestro gets his name from being a musical maven with many instruments. He’s also affectionately been named “The Wrench,” for his ability to stop any conversation to input whatever pops into that crazy mind of his. Maestro can chug a beer like a madman and has issued a chug challenge to all those that dare oppose him.


When Jester’s head isn’t in a book, he’s looking for a good time. He’s on a constant quest to learn more about how and why things work the way they do. History is his passion, second only to a good glass of whiskey. Work hard and play harder. Midnight golf coarse laser tag never seemed like a better idea. He could keep scholars entertained or a bunch of drunken college kids. He is indeed, the Jester.


Straight off the Coors Light Silver Bullet Train, Cowboy is our token redneck. Whether it’s about shooting pool, beer, politics or nascar, he’s got a fire in his belly about it all. He plays the right side on the LCR show, but we wont hold that against him. Cowboy plays a mean game of beer pong and is no stranger to good times.


Hollywood is a man who prides himself in learning about anything and everything, from the world of film to pop culture to sports to history to economics to politics.  Hollywood either has his nose between a book or a pair of headphones on listening to a podcast or watching a horror movie.  With aspirations of working in the entertainment industry, Hollywood has obtained an almost encyclopedia like knowledge of everything about the film and television industry.  “If knowledge is power, than a God, am, I.”


The latest addition to the RAT Pack family rocks the Roller Derby Rink with more heart than her little body can hold. Sharking all those that take under estimate her at pool while holding a beer in her other hand is her signature move. Parents, hide your daughters. Boys, watch your girl. When Jen’s on the prowl, no one is safe.

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